JAMB CAPS 2021/2022 – Check & Accept or Reject Admission


This is to bring to your notice that the  2021/2022 JAMB CAPS portal has been opened for students who participated in the unified tertiary and matriculation examination. We are going to educate you on what to do on it.

There was a day I came up with a question in a Whatsapp group. I ask a candidate if he has checked is admission status on caps. To my surprise, he returned the question back to me saying he didn’t know what it means. If you don’t know anything about it you are at the right place.

What is JAMB CAPS all about?

The abbreviation stands for (Central Admission Processing System), the usage of this portal is to regulate and also narrow the rate of admission fraud.

We have some set of fraudsters who pretend to work at the jamb office and they use that to fool candidate.

Don’t be deceived by anyone who tells you he will help you get your admission approval.

If you’re a victim of this kindly stay away from such people because all they need is your money.

What can you do on the JAMB CAPS portal?


Here you are given the privilege to decide whether to proceed with your registration or terminate it due to one reason or the other.

There is possibility of being offered admission to a course you didn’t pick during registration or course you are not willing to study probably because of your Post Utme score or O’level subject combination. As a result of this you might be willing to decline the offer.

If you’ve been successfully offered admission it is highly advisable to claim it. Follow the steps below.

How do I accept admission on JAMB CAPS?

  • Visit the JAMB E-facility portal to login, kindly click here to begin the process.

Jamb login 2021 page

Before opening the link make sure you are using chrome or any other browser that support desktop mode such brave.

  • In the above form you are required to fill in the your details (Email and Password) used during registration.
  • After successfully logging in you will see a drop-down menu click it proceed by clicking on “Check admission status” .

Candidates admission Dashboard

  • You will be redirected to another page as seen below.

Access your profile

  • Fill in your jamb registration number and select the year of exam e.g , 2019, 2018, 2017, e.t.c. Then click on the Access My CAPS button.

As you can see we have arrive on our caps portal hope you can see the Welcome message on your device.

Jamb admission homepage

If you ain’t seeing this, kindly check your network connectivity.

To now view the site properly kindly change your browser to desktop mode by ticking the checkbox as pointed to below.

Hence, this will enable us to view the portal navigation bar.

Change to desktop view

It time to know whether you’ve been given admission or not because that what we are mostly concerned with for now.

Am sure by now you should be able to perform other activities yourself anyways let ride on.

If you can’t just continue reading.

Try looking at the nav bar and locate “admission status” on your dashboard then click on it.

If you see admitted then you can ride on by clicking ‘ Reject or Accept’ button that all. Hope it’s simple ? .

We still have some other things you can check there.


you also have access to view your profile i.e all your personal details including ( your jamb registration number, name, gender, date of birth, state of origin, utme score).

After logging into the caps portal checking and verifying your bio-data is also compulsory.

Why? In a situation where there is error in the details uploaded you can quickly make corrections to it before it is too late.

All you have to do is click on ‘my profile’.

Note: corrections such as change of name , gender , e.t.c cannot be done on the caps portal you can only view them there.

3. Check your uploaded O’level result on JAMB CAPS:

On the navigation menu of the portal there is a menu with O’level clicking on it will allow you to check the result you’ve uploaded during your registration.

“it is important to upload your O’level result before admission list is being released.”

4. Checking CAPS Market Area:

Unlike before when your result will only be sent to the institution you elect. Now Jamb has enabled student to get admitted into schools they didn’t pick during enrollment. At the market area you might be considered and don’t forget to edit change after.

Market place page

Here are some question student keep asking concerning the above topic. If you have any question bothering you feel free to ask by dropping it In the comment box.

Does JAMB CAPS admission means have been admitted my institution?

Accepting the offer does not mean you have been admitted, it simply implies that you have accepted to be considered for admission by the institution.

Is it compulsory to accept my admission through caps?

Yes it is. If you don’t, then that admission is not legitimate.

What happens if i reject the offer?

Your school will be notified, and your admittance will be terminated.

How can I check my JAMB 2021 CAP?

Access the efacility portal at caps.jamb.gov.ng/app_candidates admission status and login with your details.

If it is telling you incorrect or wrong password, kindly reset your password via email.

Why is my JAMB CAPS showing admission in progress?

The answer to this is quite simple, the system is currently processing your admission and when it has been fully processed and verified you will see the offer on your dashboard.

There’s no need to panic as this is a sign of hope that you are getting admitted very soon.

What Does not admitted mean in JAMB CAPS?

It means that JAMB has not received any admission offered to you, you may have been offered one by an institution but it will take some time before it reflects on your admission status.

Is JAMB CAPS still giving Admission?

Let it be known unto you that JAMB is not the one that offers or gives admission. It is the institution that you applied for that can give you admission.

Some weeks or months after you been given admission by an educational institution in Nigeria, JAMB will start working on it.

There is no exact deadline for this but you should regularly check your CAPS profile.

How do I know if JAMB gave me Admission?

Not everyone is going to get an email saying that they have been offered admission to study this course or another in a particular University, polytechnic or college of education.

Just as I have said before, you should often check your UTME/DE CAPS profile. 

What is Transfer Approval in JAMB CAPS ?

This section is meant for those that their course was changed. They were offered admission to study a course different from the one they chose in JAMB.

This happened to me in 2019 and you can see a screenshot of my dashboard below.

Course transfer approval

You will need to either approve or reject the transfer which is very easy to do. If you approved it, you will need to do a change of course (visit any Cafe for this) before you can be able to print out your 2021 JAMB admission letter.

Conclusion : If your school has offered you a provisional admission, we hereby advice you to claim it so as to make you qualify for printing of your JAMB admission letter and proceed with any other registration.

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