First 20 Elements Song MP3 Download For Easy Recitation

The first 20 elements song is the easiest way to learn the elements from 1-20. Listening to the song increases the chance of memorizing it faster.

One of the advice I send mostly to the student taking chemistry as his / her subject is to always learn the fundamentals.

The first 20 elements of chemistry should be the first thing that you take into account to be good at it.

I found it too difficult to pronounce off-hand at first, but later I found it easier with the trick we’re about to drop down below.

You can also memorize it by downloading the first 20 elements song in mp3 below. (Note that it’s in English, not hindi or any other language)

To increase your chances of learning the periodic elements 1 – 20, click the link below to start.

Hint: Listen to the song each day and apply the trick below then you will be surprised by the time you start reciting it off-hand.

Understanding the elements in the periodic table accordingly is highly recommended for easy identification of each element atomic number.

How To Remember The First 20 Elements Song 

Atomic Number Trick Elements Symbol
1 He Hydrogen H
2 Has Helium He
3 Large Lithium Li
4 Brain Beryllium Be
5 But Boron B
6 Can Carbon C
7 Not Nitrogen N
8 Offer Oxygen O
9 Full Fluorine F
10 Nine Neon Ne
11 Subject Sodium Na
12 Many Magnesium Mg
13 Art Aluminium Al
14 Students Silicon Si
15 Put Phosphorus P
16 Some Sulphur S
17 Colors Chlorine Cl
18 Against Argon Ar
19 Police Potassium K
20 Charge Calcium Ca


I hope the song and the above trick have helped you understand the basic element in chemistry perfectly.

In case you are still finding it difficult to understand, contact us and let’s get you a better way to understand it. Don’t forget to assist your friends in knowing it through sharing of this post with them.

All questions are welcomed in the comments section below. Have a great day!

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