Can’t Login To JAMB CAPS Profile: See Solution For 2021


Another problem faced when signing into the database of jamb caps is getting “invalid login credentials!” error message. Can’t login to CAPS on JAMB ? don’t panic smile and keep reading.

One of the main things people tend to do on the JAMB CAPS is to check their admission status. if you want to know whether your admission is real or not kindly visit the jamb caps portal to know.

Today we’re going to discuss how you can rectify the issue, but there’s another alternative we’re going to provide if the issue persists.

Can’t Login To JAMB CAPS profile: See Alternative

Your main dashboard is the best way to always check your admission status. You can do whatever you want to do concerning Jamb on your dashboard. Correction of name, date of birth, regularization, e.t.c can be performed there too. Let’s look at how you can check it on your jamb profile.

How to check your JAMB admission status on your profile

  • First the jamb e-facility portal via
  • Enter your email (used during registration) and password where required.
  • If you are using a desktop/laptop, on the left side of the screen you will see “check admission status” select it. For those using a mobile device check the top navigation bar, you will see a drop-down menu there click it.
  • After that, you will be required to select the year of exam and also input your registration number.
  • You can do two things there. You can either view your caps portal or check your admission status. If this method is used you no longer need to sign into the caps portal.

The only thing that causes this mistake is the use of wrong password or username. And make sure the two are OK. Another way of addressing the shown error message is to.

Jamb forget password page
  1. Visit the link provided above
  2. You will see a text with “click here to reset your password”. Proceed by clicking the link.
  3. You will be redirected to a page where your email and password will be prompted to enter. Check your mail to see the reset connection and fill it out accordingly.
  4. Change the password to the new one you can’t forget.

This may also be because of the browser you’re using. Chrome is highly recommended to PC and mobile users.

Why can’t I login to my JAMB profile?

That’s because of the incorrect details provided. Cross check it, and submit it again.

If you still have some issues as far as the jamb caps are concerned let us know. don’t forget to share with friends who can’t login to JAMB CAPS portal.

If you are still unable to access your CAPS or admission page, make sure you change the date on the portal to the year you sat for JAMB and also enter your correct registration number.

Note: If you are on mobile, use the desktop mode in your browser to access everything on your dashboard.

Any questions or problems regarding this? Drop a comment below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and other candidates like you.


68 thoughts on “Can’t Login To JAMB CAPS Profile: See Solution For 2021”

  1. But my own case is different, I input the right password and registration number but it saying am not eligible

  2. Evert time I try to login, it tells me invalid password or email and I have clicked on forget password but it keeps showing that record of my email does not exist. What do I do please?

      • Good day …same problem here..I can log in,I have been clicking the button’ access my caps’ but it’s not working…and it’s the year I sat for the exam…and I put in my registration number.🙏

    • I think that the JAMB CAPS mobile app only works on lower versions of android (android 6 and lower) that is why it is showing error in connection.

  3. Pls I really need help. I tried the reset password option, yet I am not receiving any emails concerning it. After trying countless times, I can’t even type my email address on the provided space anymore, pls help me!!!

  4. Plz they are telling me either my username or password is not correct
    I’ve reset the password twice is still saying the same thing

  5. Please help me😩 the “access my caps” button is not clicking. I’ve changed browser, typed in my Reg number and other things you’ve asked others to do yet it’s not clicking. Please help us🙏

  6. Please mine is showing not eligible even after entering my email and password
    But I tried for 2019 and it opened
    What could be the problem
    Even this 2020 I still opened it around December
    I don’t understand

  7. Good morning sir/ madam the phone number I used in my jamb has been blocked is there any alternative that I can use to check my admission status?

  8. Please if I can’t access my caps can that stop my admission??
    Because my school have started giving out admission and I haven’t seen my name yet. And jamb center’s are not responding to me yet.

  9. I haven been trying to ‘access my caps’ and no matter how I try it’s not opening. Please can you tell me what to do and why?

  10. Good morning sir, I can’t access my jamb CAPS after many trials, nothing pops up after tapping the button
    Please 🙏 I need your help.

  11. No matter how hard I click on the open caps tab,,it won’t work..the page just remains static..what could be the problem please..because all my details there are correct..

  12. To everyone that can’t access their JAMB CAPS; make sure you have changed the date on the portal to the date you sat for the JAMB and also make sure you entered your JAMB registration number in the space provided. If there’s any more questions, feel free to ask.

  13. I can only check my admission status which is always saying ..sorry you have not been given admission yet.. but once I click on jamb cap,it only says welcome.

    • Welcome doesn’t mean you have been offered admission yet, always use desktop mode when logging in to JAMB CAPS.

  14. The access my cap bottom is not working… please can I print admission letter without accepting admission on access my cap

  15. Pls same problem
    I can’t access my cab
    My admission. Status shows have been offered admission but no way to accept it ,cause I can’t access my cab, my G-mail,password,registration number,year of admission
    Everything is correct but no way to accessmy cab
    Pls what can I do

  16. Sir wen I try to confirm my email address, after filling it it will tell show me error and if I try login, my email address and password is incorrect


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