How To Pass WAEC 2021 Without Stress At Once


What if I showed you how to pass WAEC 2021 exam in one sitting without malpractice? 

Waec has been one of the exam many student are frightened of, based my research have seen a lot of student writing it thrice even four times but still complaining of failing one subject or the other why?.

It pains me a lot seeing student rewriting any exam without having good grades.

To be candid getting money for registration these days isn’t easy. As we all know that the 2021/2022 waec registration is about to start, there are some certain tips I want you to keep in mind before the commencement of the exam.

How To Pass WAEC 2021 in One Sitting

Let’s proceed with the easy step with which you can use to come out in flying colours after the assessment.

1. Consider your purpose of sitting for the exam

Before you start any registration concerning the exam think of the reason why you are writing the exam.

Some are not willing to write the exam but were  forced by their parent or relatives, If you are among this category I will only advice you not to register instead of wasting your parent money.

You were sent to school to become great and cater for yourself and as my parent do say “if you study you study for your life not anyone”.  

After knowing your reason which I know it is to succeed academically, put it at your left hand and set your mind and attention on it.

2. Prepare Ahead For The WAEC Exam

Your reading don’t have to be last hour to the exam, your arrangement for the exam should properly start now and don’t forget “Better preparation always precipitate poor performance”, the earlier the higher your chances of passing waec 2021.

3. Find Your Weaknesses

Try to find out your weakness. If there is any subject or topic you seems not to be good at it is advisable to Contact your tutors or seek help from people who already knows it and let them put you through.   

4. Revision is Important

As earlier said the board will never ask questions you can’t find your textbooks. Don’t forget the saying that “practice makes perfection” , we are human beings not ghost there is tendency for us to forget what we’ve read but performing revision often will really help in regaining back what we don’t remember.

5. Concentrate on The Exam

When you don’t have focus, you will be distracted by many things which might affect your result. Am going to categorize it into two aspects which are: before and during the examination. let put them into consideration.

I)  Before the examination: If peradventure you were given an holiday or break in school, what you are expected of is to proceed in studying during those leisure time of yours not playing around, partying, visiting friends unnecessarily, excessive sleeping.

Always remember that “heaven help those who help themselves”. For now don’t make sleeping your profession you still have a lot of things to cover,  there is time for everything, a time is coming when you are going to have enough time to sleep and do other things which have mentioned above.

ii) During the examination: Imagine you read for four hours denying yourself of playing and doing things that can give you fun then after you were given the question paper your friend who didn’t take the exam serious started calling you for number 1b answer. What will happen if you reply him? 

There is high possibility for you to forget what you’ve earlier read and before you recollect the time might be against you.

Let’s now assume you were caught by the external supervisor then you finally spoil the result for that subject yourself and you wasted your effort, funny enough your friend might not be caught whereas he/she is the cause of it. Don’t be disturbed by anyone, focus on your exam and put down what you’ve studied.

6. Be time conscious

Always have it at the back of your mind that every question given has it own starting and ending point, so therefore know the exact time you are to stop and make sure you attempt the one’s you know before the time is up.

Trying to give answer to questions you are not sure of will only waste your time, go for the other ones you know first then later come back to the one’s you are doubting if there is still time.

7.  Read instructions carefully before answering

At the front page of every question paper there is always an instruction there for candidates, you are advice to read it very well before starting.

One of the reasons why many fail is due to their ignorance in reading the instruction guiding it.

Let’s take for instance, you were asked to shade with pencil but because you want to be the fastest guy to submit your paper you then go ahead with the use of biro, my dear candidate this will seriously affect your grade in that particular exam.

8. Don’t start until you are told to do so

After you might have been given the paper, don’t do anything until you are instructed by the supervisor or invigilator. Don’t be too forward it possible for your center to experience insufficient question paper or there is error with your with the question you are being given to answer, so kindly keep calm and await for your supervisor to say start.

9)  Give answers to your country questions only

Attempting other country questions won’t give you additional mark. Open your eyes clearly and answer the ones assign for your country.

We have some set of student who do “I TOO KNOW” if you are one of them am begging you to kindly put a stop in that act before it implicates you.

10. Don’t attempt above requested

If you were asked to answer ten (10) questions out of fourteen (14) and you go beyond that just because you know all, you will surely be penalize for it and it might leads to reduction of marks. Always adhere to the instruction given.

11. Write vividly and Make It Legible

Most students wrote down the correct answer but due to the use of unclear handwriting they fail so don’t just write in such a way it will be difficult for the examiner’s to mark it.

Your secondary school teacher won’t be the one to mark your script and you can’t expect someone who is having a lot of script to mark to spend one hour marking yours only.

So make sure your writings are clear and big and don’t because I use the word big now write in such a way it won’t be able to contain the space given for answering of question.

11.  Always convince the marker with your answer

Let us take for instance you were asked to define isotopes in chemistry, generally we know “it is the process where atoms of an element has the same number of proton but different number of neutron round their nuclei”, leaving your answer this way is correct but you can still proceed by giving examples e.g chlorine 35 and chlorine 37.

Even if you made slight mistake in your definition the example you included has in one way or the other prove you really know what you are saying.

12. Be valiant

Don’t put any fear in mind. Before some are given question they already fainted why? Is the question coming with gun or bomb? , if NO don’t be afraid because if you do so there is high possibility of forgetting what you’ve read and you might not later recollect after some hours.

Is WAEC difficult to pass?

To me I will say NO and the reason is because the board will never set any question beyond what you’ve been taught in school and to ensure student did well their exam they release syllabus for each subject but many ignore this and keep reading the whole content of the textbook including some unnecessary book.

Extra Tips To Pass WAEC Without Malpractice

Take note of the below tips while doing exam as it will gives a better chance of having good grades in your result.

Just as you should already know that you can’t pass WAEC without reading at all, it requires you to work hard and smart.

1) Neatness – Don’t mix neatness with good handwriting, your handwriting might be clear and still be rough. In your exam you are not expected to start designing with your pen.

A friend of mine during the exam period (school exam not waec) he doesn’t know what to write again then he decided to start shading all what he wrote by the time our script was returned back to us we couldn’t understand what he wrote all we saw is just slant handwriting as if a tree is about to fall on a roof.

If you are such person it’s not too late my advice for you is to get an handwriting book then start improving it before the exam comes.       

***) Never report complains to your friends during exam: In case of any error telling your friend is not the best, it will only implicate you in the best option is for you to go straight to the supervisor or invigilator and explain all to him / her.

***) Be punctual: In the timetable given there is time assign for each paper. If your exam is to start by 9:00am your aim shouldn’t be getting to the hall by 9:30am, if you take sleeping as your hubby kindly skip that at this moment and wake early then take good look at it and make sure you get to your exam center / hall before the commencement of the exam .

***) AVOID SHORTENING OF WORDS: Whenever you are answering a question don’t  abbreviate unnecessarily. Always write your words / sentence in full.

Most candidate are conversant with the use of social media, some are even addicted to it and they try using the abbreviations they use during chatting / conversation with their friends to write down answers take for instance writing How are you? As Hw ar u this type of writing is not accepted so make sure you abbreviate where necessary e.g  E.F.C.C .

Writing Materials: always go along with good writing tools be it biro, pencil, etc and make sure you take along your eraser to correct any mistake made during the exam.

Before or during the exam you will be given a Mathematical with ‘KAPEK’ symbol which consist of calculator and other tools for writing. Note this is the only acceptable type during the exam any other type aside that will not be considered else you might be accused of malpractice..

Although everything you need such as pen is present in it, don’t hesitate to go along with extra pen should in case one malfunction.  

Keep your Identification card intact: Always endeavor to keep your card clean and safe. On your I.D or photo card you will find your exam number, pin, date of birth and serial number, kindly do yourself good by keeping it away from others because the numbers written on it is meant for checking results so someone else might try to use this whenever you are careless with it.

Never forget to go along with your I.D card as it is your clearance for the examination and it will also be scanned before or after entering into the hall.

Write your name and exam number well: The first thing you should do after you were told to start is to fill the blank field on the paper properly which consist of your full name, center number, and seat number.

Even if you are a scholar and you forget to write this your exam nothing cause it more unless you impersonate for someone you can’t remember his / her details.

Approximate when needed: when dealing with any calculations that includes decimal don’t approximate if you are not to do so else you might get the answers wrong.

Do not involve in any act of malpractice: don’t take in any violated materials such as wrist watch, mobile phones, micro chips, e.t.c if you do and you are caught then get prepared to fill in the form.


Whenever you are asked to define, don’t cultivate the habit of answering back with same word. Let assume you were asked to define chemical and you said (chemicals are what we use in preparing another chemical).

Whenever you are given a question, don’t cultivate the habit of answering back with the same question for example you are asked to define what chemicals are, and you put down.

By applying the tips in this article, you are guaranteed to pass WAEC without stress except your village people are following you.


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