Does NECO Have Theory Questions in 2021? [ANSWERED]

Does NECO have theory questions in their exam or it is only obj? What are the best ways to answer these theoretical questions?

Questions like this will be answered in this article, kindly read to the end to get a better understanding of how it works.

Does NECO Have Theory Questions in the Exam?

Yes, they do. All Subjects in NECO have their theoretical and obj questions.

There are even some subjects like physics, biology, chemistry which have the practical part when you will carry out an experiment and write your answers to the questions given to you.

NECO is not like JAMB where all questions are obj.

Tips For Answering Theory Questions

I did NECO some years ago and here are some of the tips I can give you which can come in handy especially when you want to answer the theoretical questions in the exam.

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1. Write your name and NECO number first. Before even go through the questions, fill out the required details. Don’t make any mistake in your name or NECO registration number.

2. Read the questions and instructions. The question may be simple but not following the instructions can lead to failure. Always understand the question and instructions before you even think of writing your answers.

3. Your handwriting matters. NECO is not CBT where your scripts are marked by a computer, they are marked by teachers or professional markers.

Some of them may have trouble trying to understand your answers if your handwriting is nothing to write home about. I know nobody is perfect but make it legible enough and neat.

4. ITK. Don’t do more than what was asked for. If the question tells you to answer 4, answer only 4.

I have seen some candidates who decided to play smart and answered more than the required number of questions, which affected their performance negatively.

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You don’t know it all, some examiners can decide to deduct your marks when you try to do more than what they asked for.

Which is better WAEC or NECO?

I assume you already know the answer to this question, it’s WAEC. WAEC beats NECO hands down.

NECO is just an alternative to WAEC, the difference is clear. I don’t need to stress more on why WAEC is better than NECO.

Some higher institutions in Nigeria prefer WAEC results to that of NECO. Whichever one is better for you, just make sure you have a good WAEC result.

That’s all I got on this topic, you can share this post with your friends. All questions are highly welcomed in the comments section below.

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