I Lost My JAMB Registration Slip 2021: How To Retrieve & Print It

When I hear a newly registered JAMB candidate telling me “I lost my JAMB registration slip“, I just smile because it’s a mistake most noobs make.

You have misplaced the UTME registration slip and you are looking for a way to retrieve and reprint it, this article will explain how you can get it back.

I lost My JAMB Registration Slip 2021, What Next?

Nobody is above mistake even when it comes to misplacing your important documents like your JAMB slip and the likes.

Make sure you have thoroughly searched for it so you won’t need to go through any stress, if you still can’t find it then this article is meant for you.

Please and please always make sure you do photocopies of all your documents.

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Forget about the fact that a photocopy costs 20 or 30 naira, do it. You can also scan them on your phone and save them to Google drive or any cloud storage.

Now that the deed is done, what should you do about it and how can it be retrieved?

How To retrieve JAMB registration slip 2021 & print it

Unless you have a printer and a computer, I highly recommend you go to any cyber Cafe or JAMB CBT registration center near you to get this done.

It’s free so you should go along with some money. The printing will be done for 200 hundred naira while the photocopying can go for 20 – 30 naira depending on if there’s light or not.

Just explain to them that you want to reprint your JAMB 2021 registration slip and they will ask for your details which you should be able to provide.

That’s all, I don’t need to make this article a sort of encyclopedia or dictionary, it’s simple and straightforward. Follow the steps I gave above and you will get your slip.

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Can I reprint my JAMB slip anywhere?

Yes, whether it is a JAMB registration center or a cyber Cafe. They will do it for you.

IMPORTANT: Make at least 5 photocopies apart from the original printed out for you.

I don’t need to remind you to share this post with your friends, I wish you success in your exams.

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23 thoughts on “I Lost My JAMB Registration Slip 2021: How To Retrieve & Print It”

  1. I lost my jamb registration slip and I couldn’t find it in my email wat can I do and they have start the reprint

    • They can help you print it out at the place you registered for JAMB or any cyber cafe near you, don’t forget to do photocopies.


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