JAMB Slip With Choice Of Institution 2021 Portal

In this article, we will learn more about the JAMB slip that contains the choice of institution.

A lot of people sometimes forget the schools they picked in JAMB or even misplace that slip.

Before you can do a change of institution on the JAMB website, you may need it. Read to the end to get all the info you need and don’t forget to share the article.

JAMB slip with choice of institution 2021

The slip that contains your institution choices in JAMB 2021 is the one that was given to you when you completed registration for the exam.

In case you don’t have it with you, it has been made available for candidates on www.jamb.gov.ng. Continue reading to see the steps to get it.

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How many choices are there in JAMB?

There are 4 choices of institutions in JAMB.

The first choice is usually a federal university, a state or private university, or a polytechnic.

The second choice will be a state or private university, a polytechnic, or a college of education.

The third choice should be a polytechnic or a college of education.

While the fourth choice can only be an innovative enterprise institute.

How to check JAMB choice of institution 2021

If you want to check your choice of institution on JAMB, you can do this by logging into your JAMB portal to get the registration slip which contains everything.

If you need to print out the slip, then you need to go to any cyber cafe near you. They won’t charge much, don’t forget to make photocopies.

What is the meaning of IEI in JAMB?

IEI in JAMB means Innovative Enterprise Institute.

You can only choose it as your 4th choice during your registration for JAMB CBT.

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Even though most candidates don’t want to study at an IEI, they have to select one.

There are quite a lot of these institutes in Nigeria today and they are fully accredited.

Most of them are in need students every year, so if other institutions don’t work out, they are likely to admit you.

P.S: You are not going to get any Bachelor’s degree or diploma or NCE when you are done studying at an Innovative Enterprise Institute.

I am pretty sure you now know about the JAMB slip with the choice of institution for 2021 UTME/DE candidates.

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