Are JAMB Questions Repeated In 2021? [With Examples]

Are JAMB questions repeated or new ones are created for candidates? Want to find out? Read this article to the end.

I have seen a lot of candidates argue over this topic, that’s why I needed to end this saga once and for all.

You will also find some repeated JAMB questions/topics in some subjects in this article.

Are JAMB questions repeated?

Yes, JAMB questions are repeated every year.

Although they don’t come in the same way as the questions in the past questions, they are usually twisted to make them unique.

The truth is that JAMB does not have a lot of new questions, if you studied the past questions very well you will surely see a pattern.

Questions in some subjects like English, literature, etc are sometimes not repeated.

How many questions are there in JAMB?

In JAMB, there are 60 questions in English Language and 40 questions in the three other subjects.

60+40+40+40 =180

This means there is a total of 180 questions in the JAMB exam.

Does JAMB repeat mock questions?

No, JAMB does not repeat mock questions.

This is one of the mistakes most candidates make, they think JAMB is dumb enough to repeat mock or mop-up questions.

The mock questions are mostly JAMB past questions and are even simpler than what you will see in the main exam.

Does JAMB set different questions for different days?

Yes, JAMB will use different questions for different days.

I also mentioned in my JAMB secrets post that JAMB does not set the same questions for different days.

Don’t expect to see the questions of those who did their exam before when you are doing your own.

What is the fastest way to answer JAMB questions?

Time is an important factor when it comes to JAMB CBT.

The faster and more accurate you are, the better.

The fastest way to answer JAMB questions is to answer those you know very well first, this will save you a lot of time.

You can then go back to the unanswered questions and try your best.

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JAMB most Repeated Questions in English

Note: the answers are the ones carrying the () icon

In the question below choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters:

1. The chief was GENEROUS in his award of university scholarships


A) nobel

B) considerate

C) liberal

D) mean √

E) honest

2. He is loved for his ALTRUISM.


A) benevolence

B) sincerity

C) selfishness √

D) selflessness

E) kindness

3. To most people, last Christmas was an AUSTERE period


A) prosperous √

B) harsh

C) severe

D) sour

E) stern

Choose the option that best completes the gap(s).

4.He wrote to you, _________?


A) hadn’t he

B) wouldn’t he

C) didn’t he √

D) hasn’t he

5. The clubs were not _________ on a solid ethical base?


A) funded

B) found

C) created

D) founded √

6. His father hardly misses the news because he goes about with his _________ radio?


A) pointable

B) pottable

C) potable

D) portable √

7. Everybody is allowed to _________ his view on state matters?


A) air √

B) hear

C) show

D) share

8. For beating_________ his coursemate, Agbji was _________ from the university?


A) up / rusticated √

B) on / expelled

C) at / removed

D) away / sent out

9. We have been living peacefully here but _________ hear rumours of war?Options

A) again

B) slowly

C) occasionally √

D) eventually

10. Our neighbor was attracted by the _________ from my mother’s cooking?


A) flavour

B) strench

C) scent

D) aroma √

JAMB most repeated questions in Physics

  1. The bond between silicon and germanium is – Answer is covalent (2013, 2011 UTME)
  2. The energy of a photon having a wavelength of 10-10m is – in this case they may change the value of the wavelength in another year
  3. If a sonometer has a fundamental frequency of 450Hz, what is the frequency of the fifth overtone?
  4. A bullet fired vertically upward from a gun held 2.0m above the ground reaches its maximum height in 4.0 s. calculate its initial velocity.

Questions on scalar and vector quantities with example frequently comes out

Heat capacity, the efficiency of a machine (M.A and V.R), optics, mechanics, half-life, arrangement of resistors and capacitors in series and parallel, sound waves, etc. are areas JAMB likes taking questions.

JAMB Repeated questions on Biology

  1. The opening and closing of the stomata is by

Ans: Osmosis

  1. _ have both male and female reproductive organs

Ans: Hermaphrodite

  1. When a person moves from a dark room into a bright light, the pupils become____
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Ans: smaller

  1. ____soil has the highest water-retaining capacity

Ans: Clay

  1. The _____tissues transport manufactured food from the leaves mainly to other parts of the plant either for use or for storage

Ans: phloem

  1. Melanin is produced by cells called _

Ans: melanocytes.

  1. _ is the part of the eye that is sensitive to light

Ans: Retina

  1. ____is a group of cells that are similarly arranged together to perform a specific function.

Ans: Tissue

  1. An organism that has been extensively used to test the chromosome theory of heredity is __

Ans: Drosophila Melanogaster

  1. The __ secretes insulin a hormone which controls excess sugar in the blood.

Ans: pancreas

JAMB Repeated Questions on Government

  • The Arthur Richards constitution was designed to last for ___Ans: Six years
  • Parastatals are established to ___Ans: Render social services
  • A characteristic of public opinion is that it is ___Answer: Dynamic
  • The Nigerian federalism is an ___Answer: three-tier system
  • ECOWAS is aimed at uniting the West African States ___Answer: Economically
  • In 1958, who moved a motion for self–government in Nigeria?Answer: Remi Fani-Kayode
  • The Nigerian council was created by ___Answer: Frederick Lugard
  • When did the military government abolish the four regions in Nigeria?Answer: 1966
  • The British minister who opposed the cancellation of Nigeria’s debt was ___Answer: Margarat Thatcher
  • In the 1930s, the political movement that challenged the NNDP domination of Lagos politics was the___Answer: NYM (National Youths Movement)

JAMB repeated questions in chemistry

(1) An organic compound contains 60% carbon, 13.3% hydrogen, and 26.7% oxygen. Calculate the empirical formula.

(A) C6H13O2

(B) C4H9O

(C) C5H12O

(D) C3H8O

[C = 12, H = 1, O = 16]
Answer – D

(2) The reaction between ammonia and ethyl ethanoate produces

(A) ethanol and propanamide

(B) ethanol and ethanamide

(C) propanol and ethanamide

(D) propanol and propanamide.

Answer – B

(3) 2-methylbutan-2-ol is an example of a

(A) secondary alkanol

(B) tertiary alkanol

(C) dihydric alkanol

(D) primary alkanol

Answer – B

(4) Chlorophyll obtained from green leaves of plant can be composed of more than one coloured component by the technique of

(A) crystallization

(B) hydrolysis

(C) chromatography

(D) sublimation

Answer – C

(5) The colour of the fountain water is

A. blue B. orange C. red D. yellow.

Answer – C

(6) Permanent hardness of water can be removed by

(A) filtration

(B) adding slaked lime

(C) adding caustic soda

(D) boiling.

Answer – B

(7) A solution which on treatment with hydrochloric acid produces a colourless, odourless gas which turns lime water milky is most likely to be a

(A) trioxocarbonate(IV)

(B) trioxonitrate(V)

(C) hydroxide

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(D) chloride

Answer – A

(8) If chlorine is bubbled into water and the resulting yellowish-green solution is exposed to bright sunlight for a while, the solution will decompose giving out

(A) oxygen, thereby producing hypochlorous

(B) chlorine and oxygen

(C) oxygen and leaving behind aqueous hydrochloric acid

(D) oxygen, hydrogen, and chlorine

Answer – C

(9) H3PO4(aq)+ H2O(l) → H2PO4–(aq) + H3O+(aq)

∆H = –13kJ at 298K

In the reaction above, an increase in temperature would

(A) have no effect on the reaction

(B) slow down the reverse reaction

(C) favour the forward reaction

(D)favour the reverse reaction

Answer – D

(10) Sulphur (IV) oxide bleaches by

(A) hydration (B) reduction (C) absorption (D) oxidation

Answer – B

How does JAMB set their questions

Want to know how JAMB sets their questions?

Well, they use the syllabus to set questions. The topics in the syllabus are given to those that are going to set the questions.

Then, those people form and create questions with the help of textbooks, questions under the topics, past questions, and their brains.

Be aware that these people are certified experts in the subject given to them, so they are creating new, unique questions.

How many hours does the JAMB exam last?

The exam will last for 2 hours which is equivalent to 120 minutes for the four subjects.

During this time, you are expected to have answered the questions given to you.

I am sure you enjoyed this article, share it with your friends. If you have any questions, use the comment section below.

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