How To Do JAMB Correction Of Name 2021 [PROCESS]

We will only be discussing on JAMB correction of the name for 2021 today. The first step you take to join those writing Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination powered by JAMB is to create a profile.

During the creation, you might made mistake be it in your name, local government, date of birth, e.t.c. However, this can be easily changed without stressing yourself.

Have once been a victim of this, while trying to create for a friend of mine. I mistakenly wrote Oleyemi instead of Olayemi. Lol, don’t laugh oooo no one is above error.  You might be thinking of what will happen if he continues using the name that way.

Such a person may be disqualified from admission in a situation whereby the name found on his birth certificate or O’level result is not correlating. In fact, your institution assumes you forge it whereas you are the genuine owner of the result.  

JAMB Correction of Name Code Using USSD

Before you proceed to complete your registration at the CBT center. Once you notice your name has been wrongly written, slot in the SIM card you used to create your profile on a phone. Send a message to 55019 following the blow format.

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SURNAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME. These should be the new names you are willing to change to. Please don’t send the wrong name as SMS again.

When will it be corrected on my profile?

Immediately the message is successfully sent check your profile after 10mins. The effect would have been made.

What else can be done with this code?

Checking of your UTME result. If you are short of data on your phone you can also use the code to view your score. Don’t dial the code just send SMS only.

Does it cost money to change my name on JAMB with the USSD code?

Yes, don’t worry it’s not much just fifty naira (50) bobo money.

Can I lodge complaints with this code?.

If you do, you won’t be responded to. Instead, visit the nearby CBT center or JAMB office and complain to them. You can also check the support center for help.

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Can it work after doing my bio-metrics (thumb printing)?

No, if you’ve finished your registration and you forget to correct the name, go and write the exam now come back and pay a sum of two thousand five naira (2,500) to edit online.

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How To Correct Your Name On JAMB Portal

Write down the wrong name and the name you want to change it to on a sheet of paper, go to any computer cafe or CBT center near you.

Tell them you want to do JAMB correction of name and give them the details needed, it’s not free btw.

The name won’t start showing at once, it will take some time to propagate on the portal and your documents.


Any error observed on your JAMB portal should be corrected earlier before you go deep into the registration to avoid unnecessary stress. Hope the steps explained are easy? If yes give us a share and if you are still confused

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in one way or the other drop it in the comment box.

78 thoughts on “How To Do JAMB Correction Of Name 2021 [PROCESS]”

    • Hi pls I registered with my nin the name on my nin was “kaosarah” but with my waec and birth certificate there was no “h” there,when I request for the profile code with my nin it brought out the h and have reg for jamb already I hope it wouldn’t affect me

  1. I don’t know my middle name is on my ID card and on my secondary school cert and waec result
    But when I registered I didn’t include it
    Pls hope there won’t be any issues during admissions

    Pls I did appreciate your replies thanks

    • I will advice you to apply for correction so as to avoid issues later. Having it corresponding with each other is better than taking the risk.

  2. I used my Firstname for my Othername mistakenly. I applied for correction of name, the payment was successful but its not reflecting on my profile.

  3. I did name correction, and was told it will reflect on my original result slip I printed the slip but it didn’t change, their was a (*) which means I applied for change and not a (+) which is I effected it, please how do I effect change.

  4. I have already applied for correction of name and I got a mail saying the correction of name can’t be done due to Nysc syndrome, what should I do at this point?

  5. Pls I do changing of name since last year August pls is still not reflecting on it is this bring d wrong name

  6. What if I want to change my name from what I am bearing in Waec e.g if it’s Ade Hammed Umar and I want to change it to Adeyemi Muhammed Umar as in that’s d name i want to be on my admission letter and I want to use in school,pls how do I go about it?

  7. I did correction of name on my nimc Ahmed kabiru musa but I have already register my jamb with Ahmed kabiru what’s the solution

  8. Pls I went to register for direct entry and I was asked to go for jamb regularization… But that I can use other diploma first.. Pls what should I do??

  9. Jamb gave me addmition in 2017 with my father name and now i want to run another bsc program.b i applied for DE with my married name already charged with NIN. Now i can’t even submit my application because of a clash in surname. Please what do i do

  10. I am already in school already like I have gained admission for sometimes now but my middle name was abbreviated on JAMB portal and it was written in full on WAEC portal.
    The name is also abbreviated on my school portal. They insist I visit JAMB office and do the correction.
    What do I do?

  11. I register with Olantyi faruk alade in jamb.and I have done correction of name in Nimc to Olaniyi faruk alade will it appear in jamb
    Olaniyi faruk is in my o level result.

  12. Pls I need help, l did correction of middle name in NIN, in January but when I try to create profile code, it still shows me the wrong name, l went back to NIN office to complain, they told me that it has changed but has not reflected in my profile code,should l continue with my registration, because jamb registration is ending next tomorrow, 15 thanks

  13. I want to change the arrangement of my name after accepting admission, will it still have effect or what can I do?

  14. I change nin, afterd registered jamb and now the name on my nin is the same on my waech how can the jamb name be changed

  15. NIN come with two names can I register jamb within, and I send my NIN with 55019 , and the send the profile code with two names can I register jamb within like this

  16. Good afternoon..please i need your advise..i entered the university through direct entry.. But it was the school were i did ND that helped with regularization but they made mistake in my third name by writing R instead of Rachael..i was asked to go for correction of name at jamb office which i hve done since last year but it is yet to reflect on my jamb portal and i have not received any approval name..please hope won’t affect me for nysc registration because i already have full name in school

    • Having the same issue of initial. Applied for change of name since last year, no update till now and nysc does not accept initials.

  17. I nin name is not d same with my waec name and I use my nin name to register for jamb can I change my nin name to my waec after writing jamb

  18. Good day sir, please I applied for jamb correction of name since January and till date I have not received an email and it’s not reflecting on my results slip too.

    Please what do you suggest I do

  19. I registered for jamb
    Then i had a mistake with the name in nin
    So I went to correct the nin name
    So will it Automatically correct in my jamb name too

  20. After registration for jamb some body stole my phone and I don’t know my profile code off hand so what do I do

  21. Pls sir,I need your advice on this.i applied for jamb but the name on it is different on my waec.The surname,middle name and first name.Pls sir how do i Chang so that it will be the same and my NIN name too

  22. Please I did change of name due to wrong arrangement after accepting admission would it still reflect cause I’m afraid it would affect my screening in the school

  23. My nin was written as aremu kamaldeed instead of aremu Kamaldeen
    And I have already registered jamb with it can I go to jamb Office to correct it or go to nimc Office

  24. Please I wrote jamb in 2018 with Okeke-king Forward but now want to change it to Okekeking Forward Nkiruchukwu,that is I will be remove the hyphen in my surname and adding my middle name. Can using this procedure above effective? Especially since it’s being a while I wrote jamb
    I used the same name in my waec but I am in the process of changing it because I used Okekeking Forward Nkiruchukwu in my NIN,hence wanting my jamb and waec to tally with my NIN

  25. Please
    The names on my waec and neco documents are
    Elechi Kingsley Onyedika but what’s on my nin is Elechi Onyedika kingsley 🙄,and I used the latter for my jamb registration.hope it won’t complicate things for me

    Thank you.

  26. I have been given a jamb admission letter already.
    If I change my name, will it reflect on the admission letter?
    Will the name change on the admission letter?
    If yes, how long will it take please?

  27. Can I use affidavit to back up the name on my waec and jamb , my name is Henry Chibuike on waec and Chukwubuike Henry on jamb , pls I need urgent reply

  28. Please I have 2 names on WAEC
    Moses Edna
    And three names on jamb
    Moses Edna Elohor

    On my jamb portal I have just 2 names
    Moses Edna but when I printed my jamb results and admission letter I have 3 names
    Moses Edna Elohor
    Please what should I do? Am about to go to service…this is my last year in school

  29. Pls, the middle name on my NIN is different from that on my waec and other documents but the other names are correct. Will this change affect me?


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