3 Things JAMB Candidates Should Do On Exam Day


It is no longer news that the 2021 jamb reprint has started. By now you should know your venue, date and time of exam.You may have made mistakes during your registration if you are among the jamb candidates. See solution here.

I will be telling you what to do at the CBT center once you get there.

Our main objective at Academicng is to ensure that the rate of failure of students decreases.

Important things 2021 Jamb candidates must do

Your Biometrics

This should be the first thing you take note of. One of the reasons behind withheld result is due to this.

The biometrics better known as thumb printing showed you sat for the exam.

This also helps the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board believe you did not involve in impersonation.

This is overlooked by many jamb candidates. It’s advice able you jot this point down so that you won’t fall victim.

You are expected to at least do your thumb printing twice. Before entering and after finishing the exam.

I did thumbprint during Registration is there any need of doing it on the day of exam again?

It is a must for you to do it.

Confirm that the device you’re going to use operates properly

Make sure it works well before inputting your jamb registration number.

How are you going to know if it’s working well. Shift the mouse from one point to another to see if it functions.

Also click the field you are asked to type your jamb registration number and press all the keys on the keyboard to confirm they are working.

Incase the computer did not on at all just leave and go to the invigilator in charge then lodge your complains to him. I never asked you to lodge complain to the candidate sitting next to you please.

If you are in need of anything during the exam make sure you contact your invigilator.

Avoid useless discussions

Many jambites are found of discussing before entering the examination hall.

In fact some candidates will turn themselves to sudden friends thereby using their precious time to discuss about their family instead of taking the exam they came for into consideration.

Do you know this friendship they started might end up in tears? If peradventure the two of them are placed because beside each other and they proceed with their foolish discussion which will be counted as examination malpractice.

Conclusion: please know what you are doing. The exam is just 2 hours. Get there early and put all the journey into the hands of God.

I pray this will be your last time of writing jamb. Drop your amen and and any question bothering you in the comment box below.


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    • There’s no need to go for computer training just for JAMB CBT. Instructions will be displayed on your screen before you start the exam.


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