Admission Status 2021 List

The admission status portal was created to enable jamb candidates know their chance of being admitted.

This portal has allow many candidates to decide quickly about the institution to be choose. Take for instance a candidate wrote and scored 217 in the unified tertiary and matriculation examination.

In his first choice he choose a federal university but due to his low performance in the post UTME conducted he was rejected.

On the JAMB CAPS admission status portal he can quickly decide whether to change his university or course to a less competitive one.

However, the portal is not limited to checking of your admission status only. You can do Jamb regularization and lot more. At times the JAMB admission list is initially published on caps before some institution finally release it.

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How To check JAMB admission STATUS 2021 

Remember that the joint admission and matriculation board has different website. Don’t mix them up.

The one for student is quite different from that of their staffs. Follow the guide below to get access to the one you need.

JAMB admission list portalPin
  • STEP 1: Most JAMB activities are always performed at the e-facility portal. You are therefore required to visit the e-facility portal first via
  • STEP 2: After your browser has fully load the page you visited above. Your email and password used during registration will be required. Supply it in the field provided and make sure they are accurate.
  • STEP 3: If the supplied details are correct, you will be taken to your dashboard. On your dashboard, you will find grid icons with label. We will explain more about those icons and labels below.
  • STEP 4: One of the icon you will find there is the one with “check admission status”. Click on it.
  • STEP 5: Finally you will be taken to a page where your jamb registration number will be requested of. Input it and click on the button below it to gain full access to your JAMB admission list status.
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What to do if you are offered admission

If you have been admitted on the JAMB portal check the your school portal to fully verify it. My advice to you now is to accept the admission given.

Have this at the back of your mind that “many were called but few were chosen”. Not only you applied for that institution many are still seeking admission. Make use of that opportunity you see to avoid spending years at home.

As i often say “opportunity lost may never be regained”. So grab your copy now.

Immediately you accept your admission start preparing your acceptance fee money to also make sure you don’t loose your admission.

What to do if you are not pleased with the course you are given

It’s hundred percent 100% possible the course you are admitted to is not what you intend to study. In this condition no one has the right to choose for you. Always follow your dream and commit all into the hands of God.

Do you know the course you’ve earlier choose might not be the plan of God for? He might have prepare the real course you ought to study for you. Don’t be ignorant.

Reasons why some candidates still kept on finding admission is that they want to get admitted into their desired course.

Take a look at this short story. A girl wrote jamb in year 2016 and applied for medicine and surgery.

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She did everything to make sure she attain the score needed by her institution. Lo and behold when the result was out she performed well. 3 months later she was waiting for her school to drop their list.

On the Jamb admission status portal she saw admitted to microbiology department.

How To Accept JAMB admission

If you followed the guide above, you will see accept and reject button to perform this action.

Hmm she was not happy with that, all she could do is to reject the admission. Well to me i knew she did that because that seems to be her first time of writing the exam.

The following year she purchase the JAMB form and re-write the exam. This time around she choose another institution with the same course.The output of the admission list released is still microbiology.

Am sure you are willing to know her action. well she did the same thing by rejecting the admission.

The third time she wrote jamb again but this time around she was not admitted at all.

Did she participate in the 2021 utme examination? well i can’t render answer to that because i don’t know this girl.

I only used this as an illustration. Now let us bring this into reality if she is to accept her first admission by now she would have graduated.

A word is enough for the wise. Try to always make use of available positive opportunities.

Alternative to check JAMB ADMISSION List 2021

Aside from the step shown above we have another fastest way checking it. I call this a super fast method because immediately you input the needed details your status will be shown.

Can't Login To Jamb Caps [solution]Pin

Have you heard about the JAMB CAPS Portal? It also enables you to know whether you are admitted or not.

  • Go to the official caps portal on your browser
  • If you’ve landed on the portal you will see a green background with a small field where you are to put your username and password.
  • Click login to finally check your admission status.
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This is quite simple isn’t it? Use any method you like.

Can’t login JAMB caps? see solution

What you should do if you are not offered admission by JAMB 

In a situation whereby your institution is yet to release their admission list and you have not been admitted continue visiting the page.

Do check your admission status at least twice a week.

In case your institution gave you admission but jamb does not go to the nearest jamb office to correct that.

Another reason why jamb might not offer you admission is due to the use of awaiting result. If this is your issue quickly go to any accredited CBT centers to upload it.

I mistakenly reject my admission

You have to be very careful before thinking of rejecting admission. If you reject your admission it shows you don’t want it. It is irreversible.

A lot of people are looking for that opportunity.

Share this post with your friends and let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. Pls help I wrote a jamb 2010 and I scored 170 the the mark wasn’t enof to get me admitted into the institution of my choice as a result of I took a partime in another polytechnic different from those I choose in my jamb I’m done now with my ND and just gain admission in another polytechnic for my HND different from my ND and I wanted to go for my jamb regularization was told I will need my old jamb no but the age on the jamb no is above 30 for the stipulated services age for NYSC what should I do can I skip that jamb reg no so that it will not let jamb know I’m above 30


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