How To Use Keyboard & Mouse For JAMB 2021 Exam


Few hours to begin the 2021 unified tertiary and matriculation examination. Am sure by now you should be fully prepared to tackle any question that comes your way during the exam. We will teach you how to answer questions using the jamb 8 keys.

Hope you remember that this year jamb is computer based test (CBT). If you don’t know about operating of computer don’t panic I will teach you everything you need.

Two devices (mouse & keyboard) are installed to answer any questions on the screen. The keyboard is a flat device with lots of buttons, and the mouse is a rat-looking thing.

The keyboard consist of different keys. we have the numeric , alphabetic , etc. I will stop there because that’s all we need. you can check more here

Before starting your exam first make sure all the keys are working by pressing all. After doing that click delete or backspace on the keyboard.

Not all the keys on the keyboard are needed as earlier said. We actually need 8 keys which are alphabet.

Jamb 8 keys and how to use it for 2021 CBT

Using the keyboard is by pressing so press the keys listed below to execute it functions.

  • A – To select the option A. In case the answer of the question given is A just press A on the keyboard. A selected radio button will be showed after choosing it.
  • B – To select option B. It’s possible you already choose option A before but you wish to change it to B. All you need is just to press B on the keyboard.
  • C – To pick option C.
  • D – To choose option D.
  • NN symbolize next question. Take for instance you are done with the first question all you have to do to move to the next question is to press N.
  • P – Stands for previous question. In case there is any question you omitted without attending to just press P to check it.
  • S – Is used to save. Note: that you need to press it two times (save & submit). Pressing it once mean submit.
  • R – To reverse. In case you mistakenly press S once and you haven’t attempt all question do press R to go back to the question page.

How to use mouse to answer jamb questions

The computer mouse

This can be done by pointing/moving the arrow to your correct answer and clicking on it. On the screen you will see the next, previous and save button. Select anyone needed.


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