First 10 Elements Song Download For Beginners in 2021


Learning the first 20 elements gradually is good for easy remembrance today we shall begin with the first 10 element song. The below table entails the first ten element and their symbols.

We have provided an interesting first 20 elements song for download in our previous article you can click here to listen.

Atomic Number Elements Symbols
1 Hydrogen H
2 Helium He
3 Lithieum Li
4 Berrylium Be
5 Boron B
6 Carbon C
7 Nitrogen N
8 Oxygen O
9 Fluorine F
10 Neon Ne

One of the best way of knowing the first 10 elements is by downloading the song and reciting it along side with the singer. Another way is by printing a copy of this page then paste it in anywhere you can easily see it. Read and memorize each day I bet you’re gonna become a nerd while reciting it.

Don’t forget practice make perfect. Keep on with it because it serve as the foundation for all chemistry students.

If you have master it, you can then proceed to know more element on the periodic table here.

Thanks for downloading the first 10 elements mp3 don’t hesitate to share it with your friends or schoolmates.


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