How To Change JAMB Email Address in Jun 2021 [Complete Guide]

Ever wondered how you can change your JAMB email address? This article will show you exactly the same process I used to change the email address I used in JAMB for free easily.

There are various reasons why you may need to make a change to the email address connected to your JAMB account or profile. Some of them includes but are not limited to:

  1. You are not able to recover the password to the email address. Sometimes you may forget your password and there is either no recovery email address or phone number connected, you don’t have the recovery number or you have misplaced it.
  2. During your JAMB registration, you made a mistake in the email address you used [this is the major reason why candidates want to do a change of email address in JAMB].
  3. You made use of a crappy email provider and you don’t receive mails sent from JAMB or your institution. This is one of the reasons why i highly recommend that candidates use Gmail when registering due to the high mail delivery rates, good user experience and it is free.

If possibly you are faced by any of the problems I mentioned above then this article is meant for you. Let’s dive right in.

Can I Change or Reset My Email Address in JAMB?

Yes, it is possible for you to change your JAMB email address but not in all cases.

change jamb email address

If you made a mistake in the email address you used while registering, there is a high possibility of changing it.

I will explain the process to make a change of email in JAMB below.

How To Change JAMB Email Address 2021 Easily

You see that email address being displayed on your JAMB dashboard, examination or registration slip, it cannot be manipulated.

But there is a solution for it.

  1. Check the email address on your registration slip or the portal.
  2. Write it out on a sheet of paper and make sure you made no mistakes.
  3. Now go to the email service provider (if it ends in you are going to make use of it and so on..)
  4. Click on “create new email“.
  5. Enter the email you wrote on a sheet of paper.
  6. If it is available then you should register that email, verify your phone number and accept the terms and conditions.
  7. If the email address you entered is not available, I am sorry there’s nothing else you can do.

You having access to the email address on your JAMB profile is important because that’s where you are going to receive mails on your payments, admission offers and even when you want to change your password.

If you have tried everything and still can’t get access to the email address, visit any JAMB cbt center near you or you can contact JAMB via Twitter or their website.

Can I use the same email Twice for JAMB?

You can but it is going to give you problems because your former email already has been used to create a JAMB profile for you.

Just use a new email address for the registration, forget about the former email address. Prevention is better than cure.

Make sure you don’t use an email address or phone number for JAMB more than once. I am saying this because of the problems I have seen candidates face.

Have you been able to change or retrieve your JAMB email address? Do you have any issues with the process? Let me know in the comments section below.

I’m looking forward to creating more educational guides for Nigerian students like you. Kindly share this article with your friends and other candidates of JAMB.

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  1. Pls I have a problem with my Gmail I have use this Gmail since 2018 and now it is not working again pls what should I do. And I unilag will soon give admission 2020/2021 will I miss this admission, I don’t know what to do pls help me

  2. Please sir I used Yahoo mail during my jamb registration and now i can’t login, I tried to reset the password, the jamb board says they have successfully reset my password and send to my email but still I checked the email I couldn’t see it,… Please and please help me sir,.. thank you..

    • The new password will be sent to your email and that’s how it works, check your spam folder for the password mail.

      • Sir pls i used the same email the i used to register last yr jamb to register d yr own…not actually d email bt th phone nomba….i mistakenly sent my NIN to that sim instead of the new sim nd my profile code last yr is the same with the one of this yr….i dey into serious trouble now…please any solution to it sir 😭😭😭💔

  3. Pls I just discovered that the email (Gmail) account I used while registering with jamb is not an actual email, it doesn’t exist. The cyber man I paid to create the email account either never created it or made mistakes without completely creating it.
    In this case , what can I do? Can I change to another email on my jamb Profile, where I can be receiving mails from jamb?

  4. Got admission this year but I can’t print my jamb admission letter cause i have used that email to register in 2016. What can I do? Someone told me to go to jamb office but will my problem be listen to?.

  5. Forgot the password to my jamb and there is no recovery email or phone number and I misplaced the line I used in registering it

  6. Pls sir ,I sent my Nin to 55019 and got a profile code but when I linked my email to www. jamb org .ng it gave me another confirmation code through my email with same Sim no ….what can I do

  7. Good evening sir. Please sir I’m having issues with my email address due to error in my email address address and I don’t know what to do anymore. They school applied for, jamb have started giving admission and I can’t login into my jamb caps. Please help me sir. Thank you sir

  8. Gud morning sir, pls im having issue with mail, I used a wrong mail while registering for jamb and have not been able to access my caps due to invalid mail, pls what can I do

  9. Good evening sir,I put down the another email address…
    And I want to gain admission into another can I do it

  10. Pls I use my sim which I register nin with n that sim I have used it last yr n when dey insert my profile code my last yr email showed up n I was told I can’t change it but now I can login jamb site wit my email pls I need help

  11. I made a mistake in my jamb email registration,so I created another email just like the mistake am I going to have problems

  12. after resetting the jamb password, it was sent to my email but, i dont have access to the email account any longer
    and my jamb password was reset to that mail
    i have forgoten the password of my email and it cannot be verified that i am the owner
    what can i do to get my jamb password?
    or can the jamb email be changed? if yes, how?

    • Reset the password for that mail, a verification code will be sent to your number. Once you have access to the email, you will see your new JAMB password.

  13. Sir please I registered for my jamb but I haven’t seen my password on my gmail
    So I wanna ask how long those it takes them to send it? Is it immediately after the registration or maybe I a week later sir?…

  14. I wrote jamb last year and the email that I use was different from the one I use in my post utme exam the lady that was there I ask her to change my email for me she said she can’t change and no one else can change it and it yesterday that I discovered that they can change it
    Please can them still change it 🙏🙏🙏

  15. I re used the gmail I used in 2018 jamb registration, for dis year own.. Hope is not bad, and hw can I change it to a new Gmail

  16. I used a wrong email for jamb registration. the incorrect is already in existence, but I’m not the owner. Can it still be changed

  17. I can’t access my email cause I can’t remember my jamb’s email password and I’ve not added a recovery email or phone number.

    How do I go about it sir

  18. jamb sent me addmission letter last weekend but when i tried to access it on CAPS my email was showing wrong password ,
    i tried it severally and finally i decided to click forgotten password and they sent a verification code to an unkown number, though i have gone to CBT center to print my admission letter today but i still need to retrieve my email which i believed has been hacked
    please is it possible to change the email at this stage, and if yes where can i do that

      • I wrote jamb last year
        Someone hacked my email changed the phone number and password now I can’t access my jamb caps
        It’s there any there I can do please??
        And I flashed my phone so the email isn’t in my phone
        And I have been given admission

        • You need to reset your password without phone number, a code will be sent to you. Try this and let me know how it goes

  19. Is it possible to change my email for me if I visit a jamb accredited center, The owner of the email I used died last year.

  20. I registered for jamb last year and I was given addmition and I accepted,unfortunately I was not able to go so I registered dis year with d same number and Gmail,am I still eligable

  21. Please, the day I want to create profile at cyber cafe,I was just given the e pin,so when I get to the cbt to register for jamb ,I thought they will ask me to create my Gmail so that I will be receiving jamb mail, but they just ask of my e pin and I was registered,so please what can I do to create Gmail, because I heard I supposed to have created the Gmail before registration
    Any solution???

  22. Sir,I can’t have access to my jamb portal due to my email password i forget and have been trying to click on forget password it show’s i should get a verification code and i didn’t receive any code on my phone and that’s the number i used to open my jamb,,and admission is out now

  23. Hi sir,
    I used the same email address I used in 2019 to register again this year, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I didn’t receive any notification showing that I registered for jamb this year and now my main worry is that I’ll not be able to print my exam slip.

  24. Hello sir, I created the email as you recommended yet whenever I try resetting my password, they still haven’t sent any new password to my email. Pls what can I do sir?

  25. Sir,i used the same email and phone number that i used last year to also register for this year. Now i can’t create a new account on jamb portal because it’s showing me invalid email

    • Sir, pls i need ur help.there was a mistake in my email and i forgot my password so on jamb portel it’s showing me in vaild email or password. Pls what can i do? God bless you sir.

        • Sir I wrote my jamb last year,and have problem with invalid email and forgotten password but when i want to create unlike the invalid email i used it has already been used,pls can I used my phone number for reset the jamb postal without the email.

        • The issue am having is that the email I used does not exist so I create the email and I did reset password but nothing was sent to it and the school gave me admission just to accept it on jamb cap is the issue now please help me out

  26. Can someone use the same phone nomba he used last yr to get his profile code and also d same email and profile code he used last yr to reg dis yr jamb…and please is there anything wrong with it ??